By Mallory Bell Siburian & Aubrey Nabila Rayza, Working Student Reporters. Illustration by Philo Corry Awuy

In the latest tech-forward initiatives at CH, the emphasis on being tech-savvy has taken centre stage. Known for its innovative creations like the drop box and building entrance systems, CH is championing a culture of technological proficiency among its students. Valya, one of CH’s diligent students, exemplifies this ethos, attributing her tech-savvy skills to attention to detail in everyday tasks. Aubrey echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of practice and critical thinking in acquiring modern technological knowledge. CH’s commitment to nurturing diverse skill sets is evident, with a belief that every student can showcase tech-savvy prowess in their unique ways. The institution continues to foster an environment where tech literacy is not just a skill but a mindset.

In the halls of CH, a stronghold of critical thinking is evident among its student body. Critical thinking, defined as the ability to analyze and reason to make informed decisions, is a valued trait that aids in clearer understanding and effective problem-solving. Mallory, a perceptive Grade 5 student at CH, offers her perspective on cultivating this skill: “Evaluate from your mistakes and do hard work.” This ethos of learning from errors and diligent effort underscores the culture of critical thinking at CH. Similarly, Quilan, a discerning Grade 7 student, emphasizes the importance of thoughtful consideration, stating, “To be a good critical thinker, we need to think before saying something and we can’t say things from our opinions but we also get them from some data.” These insights from CH’s students highlight the institution’s commitment to nurturing not just academic excellence but also the ability to think critically and make well-informed decisions.