“CH Adopts Comprehensive Approach to School Issues, Prioritizing Root Causes Over Surface Solutions”

In addressing issues, CH takes a comprehensive approach by considering the perspectives of all involved parties, notably students A, B, and C. Emphasizing the importance of identifying root causes over merely addressing symptoms, CH likens its method to that of a doctor, stressing the need to tackle underlying issues rather than surface-level problems. This strategy, akin to Colbert’s moral theory, which suggests the lowest moral is simply avoiding punishment, aims to prevent recurring issues and ensure a more sustainable solution. For instance, when addressing student misconduct, CH investigates potential external influences such as social media, striving to help students comprehend their actions and offering guidance on proper information filtering. This method underscores CH’s commitment to ethical considerations and problem-solving over punitive measures, ultimately fostering a more successful and enduring resolution.

-CH Working Students Reporter, Claire Valerie Saputra Grade 6