Generally, for some people, hearing is the number two sense in its importance after the eyes. However, from a verbal communication perspective, the ears are more important than the eyes in several ways. For example, a blind person can speak or communicate fluently with us compared to a deaf person. Although deaf people can use sign language to communicate with other people, not everyone can understand sign language. Acoustic stimuli also provide information about things that are hidden from sight and our ears can work well in the dark (this is something that cannot be seen in the dark). done by the sense of sight). That’s why the sense of hearing is very important in verbal communication in everyday life.

In everyday life we ​​will never use our sense of hearing because we always communicate and use our ears for daily activities such as talking to other people, listening to lecturers’ explanations, or just listening to our favorite music. realize the habits that we do with the ears can interfere with the health of our ears. So we need to know what are the causes of this auditory disorder.

The auditory system or what is often called the sense of hearing has a very important role in communication, especially verbal communication. Acoustic stimuli also provide information about things that are hidden from view and the ear when it is dark, our eyes cannot work according to their function because the eye needs a light stimulus, but the ear can still work according to its function because it does not require a light stimulus. So that in the dark we can not see but can still hear. But it could be that some problems can make a person’s auditory system problematic. One example of a disturbance in the human auditory system is a sensorineural auditory system disorder caused by cells in the inner ear experiencing damage that occurs naturally due to the aging process. In addition, the damage that occurs can also be caused by injury, too often exposure to noise, viral infections or diseases such as tumors, hereditary factors in the family, and trauma that occurs in the head. So that it can cause a person to have psychological disorders such as sadness, anxiety, worry and even depression.

Therefore, special attention is needed so that our auditory system is maintained properly. So that way we can still enjoy melodious voices and remain healthy human beings both physically and mentally.


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