Cyberpunk is a subgenre that we can found in science fiction. Its features are usually with the setting of a dystopian future with the combination of low-life high-tech in it. One of the prominent authors who makes cyberpunk big as a genre of modern literature is William Gibson with the book called Neuromancer which later included as The Sprawl Trilogy.

We can see Gibson’s work affecting much more than literature with books as a platform. Some of the other successful work in the cyberpunk genre is Katsuhira Otomo’s Akira, a comic book – later becomes a famous animation movie, Ridley Scotts’ Alien and also Blade Runner – which have a cult following.

Not only books and movies, games were affected by the rise of the cyberpunk genre, the vision of a future where corporates run the world instead of governments just clicks to the audience back then. One of which Cyberpunk the table-top pen and paper game – similar to Dungeon and Dragons was created by Mike Pondsmith in 1988. A couple of decades and a couple of sequels later, around 2012-2013 – a trailer was shown by CD Project Red, a Polish-based video game developer, and the community went nuts for it.

In 2020 the game was finally released after years of hype and delays. People are playing the game whether they are aware of cyberpunk as a genre or not. But one thing for sure, literary works are developing in a way that authors never expected them to be. It makes us excited about what’s coming next in the world of literature.