I have been working at CH for over seven years. While working here, I got a lot of experience. Various types of training and tutorials provided by CH. Crash Course, Certified School Manager, Public Speaking, Communication Skills, Business Ethics, International Buzan Mind Map, Grooming and Beauty, Touch For Health 1 and 2, Brain Gym 101 Certification, Introductory Cambridge IGCSE Biology (0610), Self-Study Course, OxfordAQA International GCSE Biology Marking Guidance Webinar, International Primary and Lower Secondary Professional Development, International GCSE Biology – AO3 and AO4, OxfordAQA’s Teachers Orientation, Pearson Edexcel Professional Development Modules and my ongoing course right now, Montessori Diploma Certification. Many benefits I have gotten from CH. In terms of health facilities, development plan, and just now I got a car as one of the benefit from being a vice principal.

I, who initially joined as a teacher with no educational background, was nothing. I am just a graduate of Biology Department who is still figuring out how to teach children well. I only rely on what I have as a fresh graduate.

Over the time, CH has grown me up. I realized that what I had was not enough. As teachers we need to keep going and developing. And CH facilitates that. With CH’s kindness, I was able to become a better person, of course for the purpose of a real education. Besides, CH gave me the opportunity to dare to take challenges, willing to progress and develop, to be willing to be forged. Without that opportunity and kindness, I would still be nothing.

I give my gratitude to God Almighty. Because of His helping hand through CH, I was able to become who I am now. Getting the mandate as a Vice Principal is very tough and a big challenge for me. And I know that I don’t deserve it. However, I know that this is a very noble mission to advance children and education in Indonesia. With CH, I’m sure we can.

I believe that everyone can do the same as me. Give your love and heart to CH and CH will give you even much more than you gave.


Thank you CH