CH believes that accreditation is important for an educational institute. It will help parents determine if an institution meets or exceeds minimum quality standards and also helps students determine acceptable institutions for enrollment as its good quality.

Accredited “A”, we are proud to be an approved center by the following organizations, in recognition of the status, qualifications, and achievements of the school:

We are also noticing that all of our establishment are supported by legal laws as follows:


Cendekia Harapan as a school was first a preschool built in the year of 2003. Four years after that as the first batch of preschool students graduating, the primary school was built. By this time CH has a preschool and primary school. In 2015, by the time Cendekia Harapan Junior High School was established, we make a collaborative move as we are registering for approval as Cambridge International School and was granted in the same year. CH kept on expanding its reach towards a better education by cooperating with Pearson Edexcel Qualification and Oxford International AQA Examination in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

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