Time is a valuable asset, therefore Acceleration and Fast Track programs are there to support our students and to maximize this asset that they have.


Acceleration is a program that will create a pathway much faster than a common education pathway. Where twelve years of learning in a common pathway could be taken up to five years of learning with an acceleration pathway. Acceleration program puts the students who are excel in the class and deemed to be able to tackle the next class through a progression test. Instead of going up one grade per year, when students can prove that they are excel in all of the subjects existed, they can skip a grade entirely and move on to the next one.

Fast Track

This program was born with an understanding that each child is unique. They have their own learning pace which is different from one another. Fast Track is a program that facilitates students who have fast learning pace capabilities to use their assets to the fullest. Learning materials in one academic year are condensed in one semester only. Therefore in the next semester, the student will be able to continue on the next level already, making a pathway that cut half of the learning time in one level of education.

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